• Main category: Food & Beverage
  • Company phone: 0935 817 860
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  • Country: Vietnam
  • Established: 2021
  • Company size: 50-100 employees
Address: K127/7 Lý Tự Trọng, Phường Thanh Bình, Quận Hải Châu, Thành phố Đà Nẵng, Vietnam


As the leading manufacturer and distributor of Dak Lak bird's nest products in Vietnam, in addition to targeting the domestic segment (with a nationwide distribution system), we are also exporting bird's nest. Salanganes Nest comes to the market of many countries: China, the US, Korea, Japan, the Philippines, the UK, Italy, Canada and many other countries, with the desire to bring the bird's nest of Vietnamese people to Vietnamese people abroad. We always strive to bring our customers the safest and most quality products. Accompanied by a professional, reputable service.  We commit that each cooperation opportunity is an effective cooperation, sharing benefits, developing together with the motto:  "MOC NHIEN operates with the philosophy of dedication, dedication, putting ourselves in the customer to understand. At the same time, try to resolve the issues as thoroughly as possible". We strive to create jobs for employees with a fair and professional working environment. In addition, we also try to bring the products of Salanganes Nest of Dak Lak region in particular and Vietnam In general to the world! 

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