• Main category: Beauty
  • Company phone: 0332 494 285
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  • Country: Vietnam
  • Established: 2020
  • Company size: 50-100 employees
Address: Số nhà 139, Đường DT 510B, Thôn Lê Lợi, Xã Hoằng Đông, Huyện Hoằng Hóa, Tỉnh Thanh Hóa, Vietnam


Viet Nam Eyelash Extensions Company is a comprehensive enterprise with many years of experience in designing, manufacturing, and selling artificial eyelashes. The meticulousness in production and outstanding production capacity allow us to create many high-class product lines at competitive prices that are suitable for consumers' tastes. In 2013, Viet Nam Eyelash Extensions launched Camelia - a high-class beauty eyelash line. Camelia sets the starting point for a new trend and redefines modern beauty. Our plans are concretized as well and our dreams of becoming one of the three largest suppliers and manufacturers of eyelashes in Vietnam are being realized step by step. We believe that everything is still on track to become one of the most popular eyelash extension brands worldwide!

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